Wellbeing Services

Emma is a beautiful fun-filled spirit, calming and profession who brings you 20 years of expertise. She received extensive training in Northern and Southern style Chavutti Thirumal. Specialising in Kalari Chikitsa. Her main teacher is Gurukkal Vinay Kumar.

Emma has studied yoga in Rishikesh and Haridwar in northern India. Her main training was at Rishikul Yoga Shala. She then studied advanced Pranayama and cleansing practices. She teaches classic Hatha Yoga in the Himalayan tradition, all after successfully pursing her studies in Fine Art.

Emma's Specialities

Chavutti Thirumal (massage by foot pressure) – This unique Ayurvedic treatment is rarely available outside of India. Principally feet are used to deliver this deep and thorough massage. It detoxes, relaxes, increases flexibility and improves posture. Everybody can benefit from this divine treatment.

~ US$ 65. for 90 minutes US$ 50 for 60 Minutes

Swedish relaxation or deep tissue massage – Essential oil massage using Swedish massage techniques and acupressure points to release tension, relax the body and calm the mind.

~ US$ 65. for 90 minutes US$ 50 for 60 Minutes

Hot and Cold Stone massage with crystalsThe benefits of regular massage are enhanced by using smooth, flat heated stones with Swedish massage techniques to soften muscles relieving tension and deep-seated pain.

~ US$ 65. for 90 minutes US$ 50 for 60 Minutes 

Reiki with or without massage – Reiki is a laying on of hands healing technique that helps to balance the bodies energies. Reiki can be combined with massage techniques to further enhance healing and promote deep relaxation.

~ US$ 65. for 90 minutes US$ 50 for 60 Minutes

Hatha Yoga private and small group classes.

~ US$ 25.p.p. for 90 minutes US$ 12.p.p. for groups of 4+ 

Guided Meditation – Introduction to specific techniques take you to a satisfying meditative state to access your inner wisdom.

~ US$ 25.p.p. for 90 minutes US$ 12.p.p. for groups of 4+

Recalibrate Your Rhythm – An immersive mindset & movement experience. 1 – Day or a 2 day 2 night retreat including all raw vegetarian detox menu, Yoga, massage, meditation and creative tasks with Emma Satya Esprit. Maximum 3 people

~ 1 day – US$195 p.p

~ 2 days & 2 nights – US$485 p.p Single Occupancy in Master Suite US$ 465 p.p. Single Occupancy

Ancestral Chants14 night Artist in Residence; read, write, play, paint… meditations & drums in the forests of the Negres Maroon. Total inspiration to reignite your creative juices and finally get that longed for project done & dusted. Includes 3 visits to Belles Primary School to work on an artistic project with the children and teachers

~ US$1949. p.p Single Occupancy in Master Suite

~ US$1814. p.p. Single Occupancy (Maximum 3 Artists)