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From Douglas Charles Airport in the North East: Leaving the Airport turn immediately right and over the bridge. Continue through the village of Marigot and down to Pagua Bay and over the river, DO NOT turn left, keep going straight and through the villages of Concord and Belles and Penrise, in approximately 45 minutes you will get to a Round-about named ‘Pont Heritage’, take the Layou Road/ third exit going downhill to the West. Harmony Villa is the first house on the right with a blue iron gate.
From Roseau Ferry Terminal: turn left/North from the Ferry Terminal leaving Dame Eugenia Blvd and head along the road until you pass The Old Mill in Canefield, just right after the National Bank and before the Canefield Airport you turn up through Canefield drive uphill past Springfield and Sylvania then the road flattens out before going a little downhill and back uphill until you get to the Pont Heritage Round-About in about 30 minutes, take the first exit on the left onto Layou Road. Harmony Villa is the first house on the right with a blue iron gate.

So close to a plethora of interesting attractions…

Harmony Villa is situated in the Heart of Dominica’s 305 sq. miles so you will be in close proximity to many natural attractions; Salton Falls only 10 minutes’ walk, Emerald Pool, one of Dominica’s most popular waterfalls is only 15 minutes’ drive; Layou Hot Springs and River Bathing only 12 minutes’ drive. The Trois Pitons Hiking Trail only 5 minutes away, Syndicate Nature Trails for exceptional Bird watching only 25 minutes and West Coast and East Coast beaches only 20 minutes’ drive away not to mention river bathing within walking distance.

Apart from all of these, Harmony Villa is just 300 metres away from the Pont Casse Round-about and Segment 4 of the Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT) and approximately 1 km from Segment 5. This exhilarating and adventure packed trail is made up of 14 segments starting from Scottshead in the South to the Cabrits in the North of Dominica, approximately 184kms/115 mile. It traces the tracks and paths of Dominica’s indigenous Kalinago and Negres Maroons (Runaway Slave) linking numerous communities. The WNT showcases the best of Dominica — culture/heritage; flora & fauna, exceptional birding, local lifestyles, and our island’s rugged terrain and wild nature — rivers, waterfalls, mountains, exotic gorges and rainforests offering hikers of all levels, a serious challenge, whether you wish to do the whole trail in 5 to 14 days or whether you are interested in just one or two days on a couple segments. To experience any of this, you can either have a guide and tour arranged or have your rental vehicle waiting for you.

Being so central also makes Harmony Villa ideally located to be able to experience all corners of Dominica but you must have a vehicle if you are staying more than 3 days with us or want to experience all that Dominica has to offer. All you have to do is just ask and we will be happy to book everything and send you the best quote we can based on your requirements for guides, tours or rental vehicles.

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