Our Story


In 2000 we broke ground on a piece of forested land in the heart of Dominica to build our dream home. While hosting a close friend to tea her visiting colleague was so mesmerized by Harmony Villa that he asked whether it was for sale, of-course we said no but as he was moving to Dominica he wanted a home so asked to rent the Villa. It was not even 20 months after breaking ground and having only lived in our version of Paradise for 8 months that we moved to a posting in Namibia and left our dear first tenant, the ‘mesmerized colleague’ at our home. Since then guest after guest have felt at home in the space.


Since our first guests in 2002 we have been blessed to have guests from all over the world stay with us in our Villa and call it home. The amazing thing is that they have all been such a joy to, many of whom we are still in contact with years later. We hold fond memories of special occasions celebrated at Harmony Villa, whether it was a Family Milestone, special Birthday, Honeymoons and Weddings.

Our guests have included artists, designers, musicians, scientists, doctors, writers, Professional Athletes, corporate executives looking to invest in Dominica, basically, people from every walk of life who have said that Harmony Villa was an unexpected sanctuary and that they really enjoyed staying with us in the beautiful surroundings.


Dominica, dubbed the Nature Island is found in the center of the arch of Caribbean Islands. A country renowned for its luxuriant Rain forest and Rivers. Lush and abundant. Harmony Villa, providing a little luxury in the Jungle is ideally located in the Heart of Dominica at the foothills of the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site and the perfect respite for the weary and stressed souls who want find their rhythm or the creatives looking for an opportunity to commune with nature.


I am a Creative and a Dominican, I love Art, Design, Words, nature, people and I am a promoter of healthy active living. I have lived, worked and studied in Dominica and Barbados in the Caribbean, New York City, London, Windhoek, Namibia and now in Hove, in England with my son and husband, our daughter is continuing to travel and is currently in Australia.

I grew up in the Tourism Industry in Dominica and have spent over 35 years working within many areas of the industry from Hospitality, Restaurants, Events, Marketing & Product Development. My art, articles, contributions and poems have been exhibited and published locally and Internationally. I am also a trained Personal Trainer, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor & Life Coach. So apart from taking care of our private Villa, training for a Marathon in April 2016 and taking care of our 11 year old son, I keep myself pretty busy.

My husband is British and a perfect balance for my ‘OTT personality’. Having travelled around the world twice and being a voracious reader, he is truly the perfect host. As an Agricultural Economist he has lived in at least 8 countries. Working in International Development he has worked in over 40 countries all over the world over last 30 years. Currently most of his work is focussed in Africa, developing sustainable systems and markets for poor farmers there.

Together, we absolutely love nothing more than hosting friends to meals and visits when we can hear their stories about life and their children. As Villa hosts, just making sure every detail requested or even not expected by our guests gives us such pleasure. We only require that when guests stay at Harmony they really feel like they are our personal friends and private guests. We love sharing the Dominican culture and our home with them.

Our Team at Harmony Villa, Claudia, our housekeeper and Kalin our Caretaker have been with us for years and we really think of them as family. They totally live for the reward of happy guests and make a really great time of hosting. Praise about the food or flower arrangements and breakfast fruit smoothies is enough to melt Claudia. They make a wonderfully complimentary team who are enthusiastically assisted by our Site Manager, Brian, a lifelong friend of ours.

We pride ourselves in offering a truly Dominican experience that is a little unique among the island’s offerings so I hope that you will choose Harmony as your home in Dominica on your next visit.

We look forward to sharing our Villa and island with you.